Do Right, Love Goodness, Walk Humbly with Your God. - Micah 6:8



We are excited to announce that our parish has subscribed to a dynamic new online platform called FORMED. Every parishioner will have 24/7 access to the best Catholic content on any device, including your computer, smartphone and tablet with internet access. With FORMED you'll find: video programs that explain the Catholic faith, explore the deepest meaning of marriage, receive Bible studies on a variety of topics, have meaningful faith discussions with teens with YDisciple, listen to CD’s, watch movies and download books.  View a trailer by copying/pasting this link:


You can access programs, videos, books, movies and CD's by logging on to

Scroll down the page until you see "For Individuals". 

Under "If you are a Parish, enter your code here" and enter the following code HPREGN

Click on submit 


Once you are registered you will have access to some of the best Catholic resources available to get FORMED!