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There is a straightforward application process for becoming a Knight. Membership is available to all practicing Catholic men, 18 years of age or older, in good standing with the Church. Applicants for membership are accepted into the Knights following an affirmative vote by the current members at a General Council Meeting held each month. After admission into the Knights, each new member is required to earn his “First Degree” before he can attend monthly meetings. This First Degree is earned by attending a special ceremony which exemplifies charity. First Degree Knights are encouraged to subsequently attend ceremonies to earn their Second and Third Degrees (which exemplify Unity and Fraternity) at which point they are considered to be full members. There is an optional Fourth Degree which can be taken. The Fourth Degree exemplifies patriotism.

Membership Benefits and Responsibilities

Yearly Council dues are $30. There is also an optional insurance program available for an additional cost, should you decide to purchase this protection for you and your family. All members receive a free monthly newsletter (by mail or e-mail) that keeps you informed of all Council events and general membership news. You will also receive monthly copies of Columbian, the national magazine of the Knights of Columbus.

If you wish to become a knight or simply want more information please complete the membership contact form.