Designed for children in public school grades K-8, Holy Family’s Parish School of Religion (PSR) is the religious education program offered to parish families.  Registration is required and children attend grade level classes from 10:45 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on Sunday mornings throughout the school year (see PSR calendar). Catechists use a religion textbook as a basis for each week’s lesson. In addition, children experience various prayer opportunities and explore the Bible, particularly the upcoming Sunday's Gospel reading. In addition, children in grades 3-7 participate in Kerygma for Kids, an evangelization program designed for each grade level.

We welcome children with special needs to our PSR program and offer both inclusion and individual opportunities for religious education. We have an adaptive curriculum especially designed for children in our Resource Room, where we have two certified special education teachers working with children. Our adaptive program can also be used with those children who are mainstreamed but need some additional assistance. While your child may be dealing with a disability, s/he is not spiritually disabled. Let us help you bring your child into a closer relationship with God and God's Church.

Called to Protect, a program specifically designed to help young children protect themselves from sexual abuse, is part of the religious education curriculum for the Diocese of Cleveland. This program has been in place for many years as part of our PSR program. All children in grades K-6 participate in this program for three consecutive classes this fall. Catechists have been trained to teach this material and are excited to continue to empower children with the knowledge to help keep themselves safe. A letter will be sent to parents inviting them to attend a session to become familiar with the Called to Protect program and learn ways to protect their children. 

 If you have questions, contact Religious Education Coordinator Abby Gresser at or 330-688-6412, x271.

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If you are registering for more than one program you may pay all fees in one payment.

PSR Fees:
1 child $ 75.00
2 children $ 120.00
3+ children $ 150.00

Sunday School Fee:
1 child $50.00
2 children $80.00
3+children $110.00

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