KofC Annual Activities

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  • We currently provide financial and spiritual support to five seminarians from local parishes.
  • The council conducts six fish fries annually during Lent and a portion of the profits is donated back to Holy Family Church and School.
  • A collection is done each spring to raise money for local agencies and organizations serving the developmentally disabled. All of the collected funds are distributed to these local agencies and organizations throughout the state of Ohio. 
  • There is an annual charity raffle with 100% of the profits used only for charitable activities
  • We consistently and frequently provide financial support to a variety of pro-life activities and fundraisers. Our “baby-bottle blitz” raised funds to help purchase an ultrasound machine used by a local pregnancy counseling center that has saved a number of babies from the horrors of abortion.
  • Your brother Knight will likely be a member of your parish. It’s probable that he is someone you already know or know of because Knights tend to be very active in church and charitable activities in the local area.
  • You will discover that your brother Knight will be friendly, hard-working, concerned about serving and supporting your parish and community. He will be kind, family oriented and always willing to help you or others in need.
  • The members of your council are there to help each other in times of need such as illness or death in the family – for example, in 2013 our council conducted a reverse raffle which raised over $16,000 to aid a brother Knight and his family in need.
  • Knights socialize during annual events such as: the Installation of Officers dinner, Columbus Day dinner, summer picnics and golf outings. 
  • Prior to each monthly general meeting, a Rosary is prayed. This is optional and separate from the meeting but it is well attended.
  • Following each monthly meeting snacks are served and there is ample time for members to socialize with one another.
  • Each year in November Knights and their families gather together at Holy Family for the annual Memorial Mass during which deceased Knights and deceased family members are remembered and honored. Following the mass, a buffet breakfast brings everyone together again for food and good conversation.
  • The Knights of Columbus offers a full array of insurance benefits including life, disability and long term care. Annuities are also available. These optional benefits are offered only to Knights and their families thru a network of agents who are also Knights. No insurer in North America is more highly rated than the Knights of Columbus and there is now more than $90 billion of insurance in force.


  • Our council conducts a drive each November to collect personal care items and snacks for the military. These items are donated directly to the USO to assist them as they aid military personnel. 
  • In the past we conducted a drive to collect food, books, DVD’s, pre-paid phone cards, etc. The items gathered were sent directly to a platoon in Afghanistan where a Knight’s son was serving.
  • Donations are made annually at Christmas to the VA Hospital in Cleveland. This donation provides money to needy inpatient veterans to assist them to purchase Christmas gifts from the VA gift shop for loved ones.
  • Over the years our council has purchased or joined with other councils to purchase U.S. flags for local schools and public areas such as parks and playgrounds.
  • Our council partnered with other councils in northeast Ohio to purchase and install a Knights of Columbus granite memorial to honor deceased veterans who have been laid to rest at the Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman Ohio. This memorial is located in a special section of the cemetery known as the “Memorial Walkway”.