Worship Ministry

Altar Servers


Altar Servers are girls and boys in Grades 5 through high school who serve the entire congregation by assisting the priest at Mass.  Training sessions are held in the Spring.  Adult Servers are adults who serve the entire congregation by assisting the priest at Mass for funerals and special Parish Liturgies. Training is held as needed.  Serving Mass is a privilege and an opportunity for you to play a role in the celebration of  our most important form of community worship, the Eucharistic Liturgy. Serving requires your  attention, your reverence, and your recognition of the duties to be performed. Thank you for accepting these responsibilities. 


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Eucharistic Ministers - EM)

 Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion have the special responsibility of helping the clergy to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ, both at Mass and to the elderly and homebound.  Trainings are provided in the Spring and Fall.

 Contact Judy Dobos, 330-688-6412, ext 275; dobos@holyfamilystow.orgif interested in becoming an EM.

Scheduling Questions? Email James Reed at jamesreed@ameritech.net

Important Reminder for all Eucharistic Ministers: Please remember to go to the sacristy immediately after Mass to wash the vessels if you are scheduled for that weekend. Our Mass captains have been doing it more and more, since no one shows up to do so. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Thank you!

Lectors & Commentators

Lectors are those who proclaim the scriptures at Liturgies. Training is offered as needed.

Commentators call the assembly to worship at the beginning of Mass and read the Prayer of the Faithful (petitions).

Contact Judy Dobos, 330-688-6412, ext 275; dobos@holyfamilystow.org if interested in becoming a Lector or Commentator.


Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers)

Ministers of Hospitality welcome parishioners as they enter for Mass, see that those with special needs are accommodated, arrange for gift-bearers, take up weekly offerings and distribute bulletins.

Contact Jim Richards at 330-922-0732 if interested in becoming a Minister of Hospitality.


Liturgy Team

This committee works with the priests and worship and music director to plan parish liturgies and other events in accordance with the Church's liturgical seasons. The team also evaluates liturgies and recommends policies for the various liturgical ministries.

Contact Judy Biros at (330) 688-6412, x250; biros@holyfamilystow.org if interested in becoming part of the Liturgy Team.


Adult Servers

Adult Servers are adults who serve the entire congregation by assisting the priest at Mass for funerals and some special events

Judy Dobos (330) 688-6412, X275; dobos@holyfamilystow.org 


Children's Liturgy of the Word

During the 9:30 a.m. Mass, first and second graders are dismissed after the Opening Prayer to share the Good News of Jesus. They return to the Mass during the Offertory. Volunteers for this ministry serve for a period of 5-6 weeks.

Call Judy Biros at (330) 688-6412, x250; biros@holyfamilystow.org for more information.


Linen Ministry

Volunteers gather the sacred linens after the weekend Masses and return them to the church cleaned, pressed and folded for the next weekend.

Contact Judy Dobos, 330-688-6412, ext 275; dobos@holyfamilystow.org if interested in helping with this ministry.


Arts and Environment Team

Volunteers work under the direction of the worship minister and Arts and Environment coordinator to prepare the church environment for the seasons, especially Christmas and Easter.

Judy Biros, 330-688-6412, ext 250; biros@holyfamilystow.org

Kay Starr, 330-920-4576