As stewards of God’s love, we strive to share our gifts and talents for the service of God and all His people.

Holy Family Parish is a stewardship parish. We are dedicated to living as disciples of Jesus Christ and to developing ways to help our parishioners live as good disciples.  "Following Jesus is the work of a lifetime ... it is a total way of life and requires continuing conversion."  As a parish that encourages and nurtures stewardship as a way of life, we focus on prayer, hospitality, education, celebration, accountability, generosity, and involvement of the laity in every aspect of parish life. 

A lifestyle of stewardship is first and foremost rooted in ways we spend time with God. How will you take “time out” to nourish yourself spiritually and to deepen your relationship with God?

You have been gifted! A gift or talent can only be recognized and enjoyed if it is active or used. Please consider the talents you have and how you can use them in our parish ministries.The goodness of parishioners coming forth with their gifts and talents is what makes all of our ministries possible and vibrant.

God is the giver of all gifts but only we can make them available to others through our generosity. Prayerfully consider giving 5% of your annual income to support the living body of Christ through Holy Family Parish. A donation of 1% should go to the Diocese and 4% to other charities or causes.